Actimo Depth & Tilt Kit

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Depth & tilt kit replacement for Grammer Actimo seats. Allows the seat cushion to adjust forward 2.4" in 5 increments to accommodate operators of all shapes and sizes. The tilt functionality enables the seat cushion 3° to 11° adjustment in 4 increments.

Please note that this replacement kit is not supplied pre-assembled. See photos for more details.



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Support Downloads

See below for all J.R. Merritt Control products that 07.900 is compatible with, as well as their applicable support downloads.


How to Remove a Depth & Tilt Kit on a Grammer Actimo Seat
How to Install a Depth & Tilt Kit on a Grammer Actimo Seat


Chair System Compatibility:
FSA/FSAD, Grammer Actimo, FSMMD/FSMMDER, LFC/LRC, HFC-100, Merritt Select, SV1C, Merritt Ultra, Merritt Synergy
Chair-System-Compatibility Hidden:
FSA-FSAD, Grammer-Actimo, FSMMD-FSMMDER, LFC-LRC, HFC-100, SV1C, Merritt-Synergy
Part Type (Chair):
Adjustment Lever
Weight (kg):
6.35 kg
Weight (lb):
14 lb