Actimo 24V Operator Presence Switch Kit

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24V operator presence switch (OPS) for Grammer Actimo seats.

24V operator presence switch (OPS) kit for Grammer Actimo seats. Includes all necessary components for a new installation or a complete replacement.



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How to Install an Operator Presence Switch on a Grammer Actimo Seat


Chair System Compatibility:
Grammer Actimo, HFC-100, Merritt Synergy, FSA/FSAD, FSMMD/FSMMDER, LFC/LRC, Merritt Select, Merritt Ultra, SV1C
Chair-System-Compatibility Hidden:
Grammer-Actimo, HFC-100, Merritt-Synergy, FSA-FSAD, FSMMD-FSMMDER, LFC-LRC, SV1C
Part Type (Chair):
Operator Presence Switch, Add-On Item
Weight (kg):
2.27 kg
Weight (lb):
5 lb